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How To Gift an App
  1. Want to make someone's day? Send them an iPad app
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  3. Send a gift from the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Books, and more
  4. How to Gift an iPad App

Want to make someone's day? Send them an iPad app

To do that, just tap "Today" to change the date. When ready, hit "Next" in the top right to select your gift's theme.

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Currently, there are ones with the Apple logo, a cake, balloons, and gift boxes. This doesn't change the way you gift the app or anything, so just choose whichever one you think fits the occasion best, then tap "Next" again. Now, confirm the information is correct, then hit "Buy" in the top right.

Confirm by hitting "Buy Now" if that pops up. You'll need to enter your password to confirm the purchase. Also, you don't get to use Apple Pay and the amount is taken from whatever debit or credit card you have on file with iTunes. If you don't know if they'll like the app or media you choose, sometimes it's best to just give them cash so they can buy the item themselves. As long as you have Apple Pay Cash set up on your iPhone, it's super simple to do.

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Just keep in mind they can technically use this cash for anything, not just digital goods. We won't get into the nitty-gritty of it right here, but you can essentially send anyone with an iOS device or Mac some Apple Pay Cash from within the Messages app, from the Contacts or Phone app, and even using Siri. You can even personalize the message with what app or media item you want them to get or just add a link to it you can get the link from the share options in the store apps above.

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  • How to gift an app from the App Store?
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If you don't have Apple Pay Cash set up, you can still send them money that they can use in the App Store, iTunes, or Books in the form of a digital gift card. Unlike with Apple Pay Cash, you know they will at least be using the money you send to buy stuff from Apple's digital shops. Next, choose a theme and continue on to the payment.

Alternatively, you can purchase email-friendly gift cards from third-party retailers such as Amazon , Best Buy , and Walmart , from either your web browser or the respective shopping apps. Keep in mind that only people with Macs will be able to use Books as there isn't a Windows app for it.

Watch: Geek and Mashable Go Head-to-Head in 'Super Mario Maker 2'

The process for gifting on both iTunes and Books, however, is the same regardless. First, open up either iTunes or Books. Books will bring you right to the store, where you can click on a book or search for one. On iTunes, use the menu at the top to find what section you're looking for, be it music, movies, TV shows, or audiobooks.

Send a gift from the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Books, and more

Once you find whatever you want to gift, click on it. From there, you'll log in with your Apple ID if you haven't already , then fill out the email, message, and choose the date on the popup.

Which Apple Gift Card Do You Have?

Click on "Next" to finish up and pay. We discounted the apps for 2 weeks after the initial release of Things 3 on May 18, , and a second time from October 15—31, , to help our remaining Things 2 users upgrade at a lower cost.

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We reached out to those users via in-app notifications and emails to make them aware of the discount. With the discount periods over, the apps are back to the regular price. However, if you bought Things 2 on or after 1 March , please contact us with your proof of purchase for a free upgrade.

How to Gift an iPad App

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